Our Cats: Black Kitty and Black & White Kitty

Here's a cute shot of Black Kitty looking up. Here's Black & White Kitty geting cumfy on the sofa. If you look carefully he's sleeping on one of his 'mouse toys' which he likes to play with. Here's a couple shots of Black Kitty. This is a nice profile of her looking out the window.  And here's a portrait shot.

B/W Kitty enjoys sleeping on the sofa. This is one of his favorite spots. Here are both of our cats together. Somtimes they love each other, and sometimes they fight like brother and sister. B&W kitty is a male, and Black Kitty, a female. Here he is sitting on the bed, where he spends much of his day, and in his cat tree with a feather duster -- which he later completely destroyed.

Our cat, Black and White Kitty, is very fond of sleeping. Here he is curled up on the bed. This is our cat Black Kitty. Being completely black, she's a bit of a photographic challenge. But, here are some of the pictures we've taken of her, anyway. She seems a bit startled in the picture on the left, but I like it because it's a little goofy looking. Really, the shot on the right captures her personality a little better -- that is very friendly, and slightly vacuous. Black Kitty is known worldwide, via the information superhighway, for her unusual sitting positions. Here she is, sort of weirdly hunched over cleaning herself. She does this every few days, and sits like this for about 5 minutes or so.